Monday, September 14, 2009

NEW Product Line: Jessica Burlesque Beauty Collection

Name: Burlesque Beauty
Size: n/a
Price: n/a

The Jessica Burlesque Beauty collection presents 6 new rich colors that are perfect for the fall. With shades of purples, berries and greens the new collection helps any woman embrace her dark, playful or sexy side on a whim.

Shades in the Collection:
- 636: Gorgeous Garter Belt – Magenta
- 637: Ruffled Bottoms – Violet
- 638: Fishnets and Fringe – Hunter Green
- 639: For Your Eyes Only - Grape
- 640: Feather Boa - Mauve
- 641: Sexy Siren - Plum

As with all Jessica products, these nail colours are:
- Formulated with Vitamins A for maximum conditioning
- Contain UVA/UVB protection from sun’s damaging rays
- Eco-friendly: Toluene-, Formaldehyde-and Phalate-Free
- Quick-drying

image: press release

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