Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NEW Product: Switchflops by Lindsay Phillips

Name:Switchflops by Lindsay Phillips
Price: approx. $35-49 USD per pair; $12 USD for each additional strap

Finally! Toronto has some hot, hot, HOT weather! It's about time. So now I'm finally in the mood to do some summer-related posts (better late than never, I guess!)

I know they're supposed to be bad for my feet. And I know that it's not something you should wear everywhere, but I don't care. I still love my flip flops - for hot days hanging around, for the beach, for casual weekends, etc. I have about 5 pairs, all in a range of colours to match what I'm wearing.

Of course, then I was introduced to the cool Switchflops. They're basically flip flops (available in flat, wedge or a kitten heel) that come with interchangeable straps! How cool is that?

To see all the available shoes and straps, check out their site:


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