Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NEW Product Line: MAC Suite Array

"Check-in to the double-delight luxury of our new Eye Shadow Suite. 8 shadow duos in unexpectedly fresh and frivolous colours paired with 1 of our new Pearlglide Eye Liners will provide you with all the accoutrements of day and night bedroom eyes..." (description from MAC site)

I love the colours that are trending this fall! Purples and Blues, just up my alley! I wish I could buy them all.

Eye Shadow Suite, 2.4 g / 0.08 us oz, $19 CAD
A compact of 2 Eye Shadows colour-selected to accent, contrast, and in all ways complement each other. Both shades are matte with an overlay of pearl and provide sheer to medium buildable coverage with a beautiful luminescent effect. Long-wearing. Compact features 2 sizes of pans: the large pan provides the key shade; the small pan, an accent or highlight. Limited edition.
- Rose Suites: intense blue pink/light yellow pink with silver pearl
- Team Violets: dark burgundy with burgundy pearl/mid-tone violet with gold pearl
- Sweet Liason: deep brown with gold pearl/pale yellow with gold pearl
- Shallow v. Deep: bluish green with gold pearl/mint with silver pearl
- Counterparts: deep forest green with gold pearl/mid-tone orange with gold pearl
- Smoke & Ash: black with silver pearl/mid-tone grey with silver pearl
- Ocean 2: deep grey/green with silver pearl/light ice blue with silver pearl
- Blue Zone: mid-tone blue with silver pearl/light blue with silver pearl

Pearlglide Eye Liner, 1.45 g / 0.05 us oz, $17.00 CAD
A creamy kohl-like eye liner with a sparkly, reflective finish. Highly pigmented: stands out for its rich, luxurious colours and pearl-metal look. Provides eye-catching, highly stylized contrast for any look. Smooth. Glides on. Feels comfortable. Long-wearing.
- Bankroll: rich green with bright green sparkle
- Molasses: dirty brown with midtone brown glitter
- Spare Change: midtone brown with copper glitter
- Miss Fortune: eggplant with light pink glitter
- Black Russian: black with navy blue glitter
- Fly-by-Blu: light blue with blue glitter
- Rave: deep purple with purple glitter
- Wolf: deep grey with gold glitter

images: maccosmetics.com


Anonymous said...

Great picture, the make up is so artful. Although it´s just to present the colours, I love the pattern. Is it especially for asian skin or even only?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

Hi billigflug,

Nope, this can be for any skin tone, as there is a pretty good variety of shades.

MAC cosmetics is really good at using a lot of different ethnic models in their photos. :)

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