Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Pile of Sun Reviews Coming Up!

I was lucky enough to get samples of A LOT of sun products - PERFECT for the Summer Time!

I'm diligently trying each and every one of them, which is easier now that the warmer weather is finally here and I'm spending more time outside.

PLEASE NOTE: Because everyone's skin tone is so different and some people burn much more quickly than others, I DO NOT review sun products for their ability to protect you from getting burnt. You must use your own judgement to choose the right SPF level. Instead, I'll comment on other features (scent, oiliness, etc)

So, for all you sun worshipers out there - starting June 16, there will be a new Sun Product Review every day until I'm done (at current count, I have 11 products to review!)

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Unknown said...

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