Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NEW Product Line: L'Oreal De-maq'

L'Oreal has created a new line of make-up removers. Each product is specifically designed to be gentle and effective for a specific purpose.

Cashmere Milk Expert Make-up Remover
- for those who find water too harsh for their skin, but are looking for maximum make-up removing effectiveness and comfort
- combines optimal make-up removing effectiveness with total comfort for your skin

Velvet Creme Wash
Expert Make-up Remover
- for those looking for a foaming wash without compromising on make-up removing effectiveness, even around the eyes, and without drying the skin
- rich, creamy texture
- removes all make-up, including mascara and rinses off in an instant

Milk-to-Toner 2 in 1 Make-up Remover
- for those looking for effective make-up removal and the fresh sensation of a toner in just 1 step
- an ultra-effective make-up removing milk which then transforms into an ultra-fresh toner

Elixir Concentrate
- for those who use long-lasting and waterproof make-up and are looking for optimal make-up removing effectiveness
- gives a non-greasy result and leaves skin with a luxurisou satin touch
- good for those that use long-lasting cosmetics - waterproof mascara, non-transfer lipstick and long-lasting foundation

Rich Make-up Removing Cloths
- for those looking for an ideal wipe, 1 that perfectly removes make-up and doesn't dry out
- removes make-up with no need to rinse your face afterwards
- you only need 1 to perfectly remove make-up from the face, eyes and lips, even waterproof and long-lasting make-up

This looks like a great product line, giving people the ability to adjust how strong their make-up remover is, whether they need a light one (for light make-up wearers) or a really strong one (for those that use water-proof and ultra-stay products).

image: lorealparis.co.uk

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