Monday, June 25, 2007

GUEST Product Review: Neutrogena Light Night Cream

Guest Reviewer: S.K.Y.

Name: Light Night Cream
Size: 2.25 oz
Approx. Price: under $20 CAD

Among Neutrogena's notes about this project:
- non-greasy
- dermatologist-tested formula absorbs quickly into skin
- doubles skin's moisture level for 8 hours
- hypo-allergenic

I started using night creams due to my extremely dry skin. I was having major issues and finally someone suggested I try night cream just to combat the rashes I was getting as a result of dryness.

To Purr About:
This product is very affordable. It has the richness of a night cream AND absorbs quickly which is great. I didn't have any allergic reactions to it (I have very allergy prone skin) and it worked well to keep my skin nice and soft and hydrated for the next day. All-in-all it's a good rich night cream for the price. It's nothing Earth shattering, but it works well for what I want it to do.

Claws Out:
None really.

Rating (out of 5):

Thanks for the review, S.K.Y.!

Just an extra note that I'm (Cinnamon Kitten) adding to this Guest Review - this is my current night cream of choice as well and I absolutely love it.

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hrankin said...

I am not saying that this is true with this product but many times a company will do what they call "product extendions" and package the same formula, like "day cream" or "night cream" under a different label, but it is the same product. They think we are so stupid we won't know the difference.

s.k.y. said...

That is SOOOOO true! I have never tried the Neutrogena day cream, but would love to know if anyone finds the 2 products very similar.

I sometimes use the Neutrogena day cream with SPF, but I know for sure that those 2 products are different, because the 1 with SPF stings like crazy when it gets too close to my eyes.

I only use the night cream when my skin is SUPER dry & mostly in the wintertime. It's a bit too heavy to use all the time.

Another thing I wanted to note about this product~I'm going through it quicker than I thought. I'm used to night creams that last longer as they are a lot oilier than this 1 so i minimize the amount I use.

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