Monday, October 17, 2011

Product News: Beyoncé Pulse

Brand: Beyonce
Name: Pulse

Where to buy (Canada): Sears, Shoppers Drug Mart, PJC and Pharmaprix

I must admit, I'm not a huge fragrance girl. Mainly because my allergies are so sensitive that sometimes I will react to a fragrance even if I've worn it for months previously without a sneeze. So generally, I go without, although I do have a few scents that I love and stick to.

But one that always tempts me about fragrances are the amazingly creative bottles. They are so unique and beautiful that sometimes I want to start a fragrance collection just to display the bottles (I must get this from my mom who has a stunning collection of mini fragrance bottles).

Here's another example of a beautiful bottle.

The newest addition to the Beyoncé Parfums portfolio is Beyoncé Pulse, which will debut this October 2011.

Reflective of Beyoncé’s incredible energy and femininity, the fresh notes in Beyoncé Pulse intermingle to create a citrus, floral gourmand, anchored by Beyoncé’s favorite flower, the orchid.

At the heart of Beyoncé Pulse is the enticing Bluebird Orchid, renowned for its curvaceous shape, distinctive blue-indigo color and enchanting scent.

Top notes: Pear Blossom, Blue Curacao and frosted Bergamot
Middle notes: Bluebird Orchid, Peony and Midnight Blooming Jasmine
Base notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Musk and Woods

Packaged in an inverted chrome bottle, Pulse makes a visual statement. “I’m very proud of the Pulse packaging,” says Beyoncé. “I wanted to do something completely out of the box and modern, so we created the upside down, faceted bottle that highlights the blue juice inside. The chrome cap is inspired by my stage costumes, which I love because it incorporates fashion into the overall design…and I love fashion!”

image: press release

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