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Cinnamon Kitten Q&A with Katrina & Amanda of SweetPea & Fay Cosmetics

Q&A Session with: Katrina & Amanda, Founders of SweetPea & Fay Cosmetics

How Cinnamon Kitten discovered SweetPea & Fay
This is a neat story. Last month, I started a monthly series in which I ask my readers to help me spend $50 and there were some amazing suggestions, one of which was SweetPea & Fay, an adorable Etsy shop run by sisters Katrina and Amanda. Since this blog is also mainly a sister project between me and Suziesaurus, I wanted to find out more about Katrina and Amanda so I sent them and email and they kindly agreed to a Q&A session with me!

* * * * *

Tell us a little about yourselves and what inspired you to start your own company, SweetPea & Fay.

We are a sisters (Katrina & Amanda) who started their own handcrafted mineral makeup company. We love what we do and love learning and keeping up with all natural ingredients. We wanted to be able to offer all natural cosmetics that are affordable to anyone.

Tell us about SweetPea & Fay (I have to know how you came up with that adorable name!)

The name SweetPea & Fay came from nicknames we have for each other. We knew becuase we both are very much involved in our brand, that we wanted it to have two names in the title. To showcase the both of us.

Have you both always had a fascination with beauty products?

We have both always loved anything beauty or fashion related. The more we found out about beauty brands the more we found out about some of the harmful ingredients companies put in their products. So we really started getting into all natural safe ingredients which are kind of hard to find which is what led us to start our own line.

Besides SweetPea & Fay, what else occupies your days?

SweetPea & Fay takes up must of our time. We are either making new products or thinking of new ideas. Not only are we business partners and sisters, but we are also best friends. So believe it or not we spend alot of our time together. We both love going shopping for old vintage items like hats or jewlery. And we are both huge movie fans, in pacticular of indie films.

What is your most popular item? Why do my readers NEED to have it?.

Our most popular item would be our lip products. In pacticular our lipglosses - they are a little different than an average lipgloss because they go on like a liquid lipstick. They aren't sticky at all and are super long-lasting. We sell out of them all the time. Customers grab them up so fast we can barely keep up. :)

The beauty industry is constantly changing. How do you keep on top of trends?

We keep on trends by reading beauty blogs and high fashion magazines. It's also really helpful if you want to get a head start on a fashion or beauty trends, to read a foreign magazine like Italian, French Vogue. They are the first to know about a trend.

Besides your own line, what beauty brands have made it onto your favourites list?

Some other beauty brands that we both love are: Arbonne skin products, Dermalogica, Argan/Moroccan oil in hair products.

Katrina - When I was in school for Skin Care Therapy we had to memorize the Dermalogica line by heart so that brand kinda stuck with me. They are kinda expensive but they are a good quality.

Amanda - I really love using Deep Sea Cosmetics. They use sea salt from the Dead Sea which does wonders for your skin!

What are 3 beauty products you can’t live without.

Three products we couldn't live with out:
Amanda - Deep Sea Cosmetics Lotion, Ralph Lauren (Ralph) Perfume, and Mascara
Katrina - Concealer, Ralph Lauren (Blue) Perfume, and Arbonne eye cream

Katrina and Amanda

What’s in store from SweetPea & Fay for the rest of 2011?

We just came out with a Summer Essentials line. It's a limited edition kit with 3 mineral eyeshadows, bronzer, highlighter and a tinted lipbalm.

We also plan on expanding our cosmetics line a lot in the year to come. Our lipgloss is out of stock so were are going to be restocking that soon, and offering a larger size. Adding mascara, lipstick pressed eyeshadow and primer.

* * * * *

You can shop SweetPea & Fay Cosmetics online here.

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