Friday, January 21, 2011

NEW Product: Perfect Formula Daily Moisture

Brand: Perfect Formula
Name: Daily Moisture
Size: n/a
Price: $29.00 USD

Winter has me in it's harsh grip, so I'm looking at moisturizing every part of my body! One area that's also taking a huge hit this year are my nails. They're really dry and I've been keeping them polish free to try to let them get back to full health.

Formulated with Keratin, the main protein that makes up nails, Jojoba Oil, an excellent moisturizer that is similar to the natural lubricant of skin, and Vitamin E, Daily Moisture nourishes and strengthens dry, thirsty nails even in the most treacherous conditions.

“Nails needs to be nourished daily to stay at their most vital and healthy state,” says Shari Gottesman, CEO and Founder of Perfect Formula. “During the winter months, I like to heat up Daily Moisture in warm water and as soon as I am done showering I apply it to my nails and cuticles for an extremely effective hot oil treatment and it’s therapeutic too!”

You can get Daily Moisture at or

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