Saturday, December 18, 2010

NEW Product: Hotheads 3D Bristle Pattern Brush

Brand: Hotheads
Name: 3D Bristle Pattern Brush
- small: $18 USD
- medium: $24.50 USD
- large: $29.50

The new Hotheads’ 3D Bristle Pattern Brush claims to dry your hair faster by 50-60%!

The ultra light 3D Bristle Pattern Brush is made with 3 types of bristles that not only help decrease dry time, but improve the overall health of your hair. The patented-shaped barrel gives ultimate control and cuts drying time in half whether adding volume, curls or an amazing flat iron-finish.

Other features include:
- White boar bristles control frizz and add shine;
- Black boar bristles grip for great smoothing, volume or curl;
- Single pinned firm nylon with round tips is designed to handle all hair types;
- Easily detangles hair and is gentle on the scalp;
- Available in 3 sizes: S, M, L.

image: press release

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