Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gift Idea & NEW Product: Lise Watier Frisson Neiges

Brand: Lise Watier
Name: Frisson Neiges
- Eau de toilette, 30 ml: $39 CAD
- Eau de toilette, 50 ml: $57 CAD

Recently launched last month, Lise Watier has introduced a new addition to their Nieges scent collection.

A modern, youthful and joyous interpretation of the original Neiges fragrance, Frisson Neiges unfurls a delicate, feminine, and contemporary chord, a refreshing composition that blends floral and fruity notes.

Opening notes: fresh, savoury notes of ripe papaya and lush passion fruit
Middle notes: in its heart is a combination of honeysuckle, tuberose nectar, and jasmine absolute
Closing notes: a background of warm Cashmeran and sandalwood, finally melting in a whisper of musk

Frisson Neiges comes packaged in the fragrance’s signature bottle, with its curving yet minimalist lines. The back is stamped with the familiar Neiges snowflakes, making it a perfect holiday gift. The Frisson Neiges bottle has its own personality with an iridescent, pink-tinged and sparkling appearance.

image: press release

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