Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift Idea Guide: Making Scents of the Holidays for Women

To follow up on the "Making Scents of the Holidays for Men" post, today I'm featuring just a small sampling of the plethora of womens' fragrances available this holiday season. Besides having aisles and aisles of choices, there are a lot of pretty perfume solids out there as well.

This is going to be an even longer post than the Men's, and I'm just scratching the tip of the iceberg here. I've also included some celebrity-created/inspired scents as those are usually popular gift ideas as well. Again, to get to what you need to know, I'm taking away all the fluff and filler, leaving you with the important things: an image of the bottle, name, size, price and the fragrance breakdown.

Enjoy and happy shopping!

- all prices are approximate, retailers may sell for a different price
- images are based on press releases and may be slightly different in market and dependent on product you are buying

Guess Seductive
- scent: top notes: bergamot, blackcurrant, crispy pear; middle notes: orange flower, jasmine, orris; base notes: vanilla, olibanum, cashmere wood
- Eau de Toilette: 50 ml for $69 CAD, 75 ml for $85 CAD
- Body Cream: 200 ml for $35 CAD
- Shower Cream: 200 ml for $35 CAD

Givenchy Play for Her - Eau de parfum
- scent: top notes: pink peppercorns, white peach, bergamot, sweet pea; middle notes: tiare flower, magnolia flower and leaf, amyris wood; base notes: sandalwood, musks
- Eau de Parfum: 50 ml for $79 CAD, 75 ml for $95 CAD

Givenchy Play for Her - Eau de parfum Intense
- scent: top notes: pink peppercorns, orange blossom; middle notes: tiare flower, orchid, amyris wood; base notes: sandalwood, patchouli, tonka bean and benzoin
- Eau de Parfum: 50 ml for $85 CAD, 75 ml for $102 CAD

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Gumball Machine Gift Set
- A gumball machine gift set that includes all 3 flavors of Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Bling Collection. This gumball machine is refillable, making it the perfect keepsake!
- Comes with 1 fl. oz of each scent
- $70 USD

- scent: inspired by the flavor of the blue raspberry Ring Pop and combined with a beautiful floral bouquet

Mine Again
- scent: a combination of chocolate raspberry and magnolia

- scent: a touch of honey and pineapple

Daisy Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Ring
A New Daisy solid perfume dome ring - an over-sized ring with a scattering of white daisies across a black lacquer dome. The ring comes in a black velvet pouch.
- scent: strawberry, violet leaves, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia, violet petals, jasmine petals, musk, vanilla, white woods
- Daisy Solid Perfume Ring: $42 CAD

Calvin Klein Beauty
- scent: top notes: ambrette seeds; middle notes: jasmine; base notes: cedarwood
- Eau de Parfum spray: 50 ml for $89 CAD; 100 ml for $115 CAD
- Bath & Shower Creme: 200 ml for $48 CAD
- Skin Lotion: 200 ml for $60 CAD

Calvin Klein Beauty Solid Perfume Compact
A limited edition solid perfume purse charm with a metallic, chrome finish.
- scent: top notes: ambrette seeds; middle notes: jasmine; base notes: cedarwood
- Solid Perfume Purse Charm: 1.2 g for $50 CAD

Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir
- scent: red vanilla orchid, osmanthus petals, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, tonka bean
- Elixir: 50 ml for $75 CAD

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style
Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku girls are back, this time sporting some "wicked style"

love - "Sweet Lolita" - a fruity floral
- scent: top notes: nectarine, mangosteen, juicy pear; middle notes: orange flower, lotus, violet, osmanthus; base notes: blonde woods, musk, sandalwood, hint of patchouli, dash of praline

lil angel - "Gothic Lolita" - a sparkling floral
- scent: top notes: succulent plum, champagne, bergamont, pomelo; middle notes: blooming lotus, fresh queen rose leaf, waterlillies; base notes: satin wood, rich amber, skin musks

music - "Visual Kei" - a woody floral
- scent: top notes: juicy apple, watery fruit, bergamont; middle notes: jasmine, gardenia, fuschia, peony; base notes: swirling cedarwood, iridescent musks, cyrstallized amber

baby - "Kawaii/Decora" - a vanilla floral
- scent: top notes: white peach, Red Delicious apple, pink freesia; middle notes: pink plumeria, lush orchid, jasmine petals; base notes: glowing amber; sensual musk, creamy sandalwood

g - "Omotesando Girl" - a fruity floral
- scent: top notes: Granny Smith apple, peach pineapple; middle notes: watermelon, butterfly blush, peony; base notes: raspberry, musk, water aqeous

Love and Glamour by Jennifer Lopez
- scent: top notes: guava, nectarine; middle notes: orchid, waterlilly; base notes: sandalwood, musk
- Eau de Parfum: 1.7 oz for $49.50 USD, 2.5 oz for $58 USD
- Body Lotion: 6.7 oz for $25 USD

Halle Pure Orchid by Halle Berry
- scent: top notes: amalfi lemon, papaya and cactus; middle notes: star anise, orchid and blackberry; base notes: patchouli, tonka bean and sequoia
- Eau de Parfum: 15 ml for $16 USD, 30 ml for $28 USD

Purr by Katy Perry
- scent: top notes: peach nectar, apple; middle notes: jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid; base notes: creamy sandalwood, musk
- Eau de Parfum: 1.7 oz for $45 USD, 3.4 oz for $65 USD

Juicy Couture Couture Couture Solid Perfume Ring
- ring size 7
- scent: top notes: pink grape accord, orange flower, mandarin, middle notes: blushed plum, honeysuckle, star jasmine, base notes: creamy sandalwood, moist amber, vanilla
- Solid perfume: 0.023 oz for $42 USD

DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Toilette
- scent: American apple, cucumber, grapefruit, candid magnolia, tuberose, white muguet, rose, violet, sandalwood, tender skin accord, blonde woods, white amber
- Eau de Toilette Spray: 1 oz for $36 USD, 1.7 oz for $52 USD


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House of Wilcox Rock!!! said...

I think the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume smells like a banana!

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