Monday, June 21, 2010

Product Review: Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel

Reviewer: ShellySuperstar

Brand: Jurlique
Name: : Herbal Recovery Gel
Size: 30ml
Price: $67.00 USD

When I was asked to review Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Gel I didn’t really know what it was or what I was suppose to do with it - was it a moisturizer? Was it a targeted wrinkle gel? What was I recovering from? I wasn’t sure. The pretty, yet evasive packaging says "A restorative botanical concentrate to help renew skin vitality" and the fine, fine print on the back says that by using it day and night it would help "to minimize the visible signs of aging with daily use". Well that sounded good – who doesn’t want to reduce those horrid, crow’s feet billboard signs of aging?!

The first thing I noticed when I used it was the potent fragrance. I have sensitive skin and tend to be drawn to odourless products, so right away the scent put me off. But I had a job to do – to review this magical recovery gel for you, our faithful readers, so I continued on – and I’m glad I did.

I would say my skin looked revitalized after applying the gel. It goes on quite light, and doesn’t have any stickiness which I was expecting from a gel. I used the product for a week and noticed that my skin looked refreshed and hydrated.

You can purchase the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel from

To Purr About:
- I love that there herbs and flowers are gently tended and harvested by hand on their certified organic and biodynamic farms and the packaging contains 80% post consumer recycled fibre and 20% FSC certified fibre.
- The Gel was very light to use, not sticky and it made my skin look and feel refreshed.

Claws Out:
- The scent was a bit too potent for my taste, but if you like pretty flowery scents you may enjoy it.
- The price is high for a daily use product, but I would suggest using it on targeted areas.

Final Comments:
Overall it was a good product. The overpowering floral scent is the main reason I wouldn’t return to it, but others might enjoy it.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten


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