Friday, February 26, 2010

NEW Product Line: Olay Total Effects Body Wash

Brand: Olay
Name: Total Effects Body Wash
Size: n/a
Price: n/a

Part of the Olay Total Effects line, which offers anti-aging skin care, the new body wash comes in 2 versions:
- Deep Penetrating Moisture
- Exfoliate & Replenish

- improves elasticity
- relieves dryness
- deeply conditions skin
- brightens dull skin
- evens skin tone
- smoothes rough skin
- minimizes the appearance of dry lines

For soft, smooth skin in 1 shower, improved elasticity in 1 week, and young-looking, radiant skin in 1 month.

image: email newsletter


Joanne Olivieri said...

The deep penetrating moisturizer is amazing. I use it daily. In fact I use many Olay products. They work. My Mom died when she was seventy and didn't have one wrinkle on her face. She used Olay products all her life. Great post.

Unknown said...

レイバンを買ったって、あいつ最近調子に乗りまくって、気に入らない!俺だって、レイバン ウェイファーラー持ってるし、3本も持ってるよ!あの大人気なレイバン RB2140だって持ってるよ、負けられない!

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