Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Product News: Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal rolls out 8 new products

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, a 100% natural alternative to conventional deodorants, has just rolled out 8 new products in 4 fresh scents.

The new lineup includes the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On and Spray Mist formulas in Ocean Breeze, Honeydew Mellon, Lavender and Papaya Fusion.

"Our new scented products offer yet another option for those seeking a more natural, healthy lifestyle or for those allergic to conventional deodorants," said Ted Alflen, CEO and founder of Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. "Like all of our product line, the new scented Roll-On and Spray Mist formulas are extremely gentle, yet amazingly effective with 24-hour protection."

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal has long been the top recommended deodorant choice of allergists, dermatologists and oncologists. Unlike most deodorant brands, Naturally Fresh Deodorant contains no harmful aluminums or parabens.

The products function as natural deodorants that kill odor-causing bacteria while permitting the pores to excrete toxins naturally. This is vital to maintain healthy, axillary lymph nodes located in the underarm area.

All Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products can be purchased online at or at select locations, including Walmart, CVS, GNC, Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods Market and For a complete list of retailers, visit Naturally Fresh Deodorant online.



Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know the approximate prices for these items?

Anonymous said...

According to their website:

- Unit Size 3 oz.: $3.99 + S/H

- Available in Canada at: Walmart Canada, Loblaws & GNC.

- Available in the US at: select Wal-Mart locations, CVS, GNC, Kroger/Fred Meyer, Publix, A&P, Vitamin Shoppe, Smith Drug, Vitamin Cottage, Raley’s, Henry’s, King Soopers, Dillons, Smiths, Food 4 Less, Fry’s, City Market, health food stores, Whole Foods Market,, and

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!

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