Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Product Review: KN Karen Neubruger Crew Socks

Reviewer: Cinnamon Kitten

Brand: KN Karen Neubruger
Name: : Crew Socks
Size: n/a
Price: $8 USD

KN Karen Neuburger's line of classic and comfortable socks has added pampering characteristics. Enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E, these socks will allow you to skip out on your lengthy spa treatments, giving you the chance to enjoy your favorite activities while pampering at the same time!

To Purr About:
- soft, comfortable socks
- stylish little design
- didn't have the silicone, plastic or creamy feeling like other "spa socks" I've tried

Claws Out:
- not sure if there was any noticeable moisturizing effect

Final Comments:
The socks are stylish and comfortable to wear, but I think that the "spa" effect of moisturizing my feet was minimal. Compared to other heavier-duty "spa" socks, I found that these didn't seem to make any noticeable difference in my feet's skin.

Of course, it could be that we're in the full winter season here in Toronto and so my skin is naturally drier than the rest of the year, but if you're looking for really good, skin-changing spa socks, then these are not it.

If you want to keep your feet warm and would like the added benefit of a little extra moisture boost, then why not give these a try?

Rating (out of 5):

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Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten.

image: press kit

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