Friday, December 04, 2009

NEW Product Line: Wembé

Wembé is a new Paraguayan company selling high quality and all-natural handmade soap.

Their products contain natural ingredients from the tropical rainforest. Along with a perfect mix of essential oils, their handmade blends use original recipes - utilizing tea leaves, loofah and sand.

The name "Wembé" is a derivative of the Guarani word "Guembé", which describes a plant that grows in the entire Amazonian region.

Wembé products are free from silicone, petroleum products, parabens, sulfates, phenoxythanol, polyethylene glycol, synthetic fragrance or colour and animal origin products.

Exfoliating Blend
This exfoliating bar is made of soap and moisturizing butters.
- Black Clay: the black clay from Paraguay is rich in essential oils due to its vegetable origin and may be used on any skin type but is especially good on oily skin
- Coconut: using two varieties of coconut, this soap is astringent and slightly defoliant. It can also be used as a shampoo and is particularly good for oily skin and hair
- Yerba Mate
- Green Blue River: a strong scrub for tired feet, this blend contains white sands from the Parana River and a blend of essential oils
- Dulce de Leche
- Loofah

Cleansing Blend
Made out of true soap combined with fresh natural ingredients.
- Passion Fruit: sweet and vibrant, maracuja is one of the rarest treasures of the rainforest. Strongly energizing and very coarse on rough areas like your feet
- Avocado: combines fresh avocado, avocado oil and cashew leaves. Softly emollient.
- Snow: made specially for hot summers, this soap is extremely refreshing and cool and is made with pure spring water and the essential oils of eucalyptus and mint
- Chocolate
- White Rose: made of rose petals and essential oils
- Mango: tropical mango fruit is highly moisturizing and rich in vitamins A, C and E. This soap is slightly defoliant due to the fibers in the fruit, highly nourishing and smells delicious
- Seaweed: made of seaweeds, salt and essential oils
- Citric: contains the essential oils of citric fruits
- Castille: made of 100% olive oil, no colour added, no scents

Clean Face Blend
Specially formulated for dry skin, it can also be used as a makeup remover. Contains olive oil and cocoa butter

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