Monday, October 26, 2009

Product Review: e.l.f. Candy Shop Lip Gloss

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: e.l.f. (eyes lips face)
Name: Candy Shop Lip Gloss
Size: n/a
Price: approx. $2 USD

Shade Tried: Candy Fix

From e.l.f.’s website: "Got a sweet tooth? With double the amount of gloss you can enjoy the candy without the cavity! A modern twist to an old favorite, the unique ultra durable sliding lip tin holds your favorite lip gloss in 7 deliciously juicy flavors to choose from."

To Purr About:
- the price is definitely right
- cute sliding lip tin is ultra fun
- comes in 7 sensible shades (coconut crazed, frosting fanatic, mocha maniac, melon mayhem, candy fix, berry pop and cherry bomb)
- glides on easily
- super glossy and shiny end result
- keeps my lips moisturized
- doesn’t feel gunky when I put on lots of product
- did not irritate my super sensitive lips
- long-lasting

Claws Out:
- not a fan of having to apply lip product using my fingers

Final Comments:
I am always weary of trying a new lip product, because my lips are super sensitive. However, I am constantly looking for new products because there are so few that I can use for long periods.

I loved the cute little sliding top tin that this product came in. And after I applied it for the first time – I knew it was a winner. It didn’t feel too heavy and didn't dry out my lips like most other products do. It gives my lips a very shiny glossy look and the smell is sweet like candy. I can't really find anything negative to say about this product, except the fact that I don't really like having to apply it with my fingers.

I'm glad to say I've found another product to add to my short list of lip products to use.

Rating (out of 5):

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Disclosure: This product was purchased by Cinnamon Kitten.


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