Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NEW Product Line: Limoneira Lifestyles

Limoneira Lifestyles is a celebration of natural, organic products from the nation's largest avocado and lemon grower, Limoneira Company. Their line of natural avocado and lemon cleansers and moisturizers contain certified organic extracts and a compound that's a natural promoter of skin metabolism. All are dermatologist tested and approved.

Established in 1893 with ranch headquarters in Santa Paula, California, Limoneira Company uses a sustainable approach to agriculture with water conservation practices, soil enrichment, green materials recycling and solar powered facilities (producing 2 megawatts of energy). It was only natural that it would incorporate the same sustainable philosophy used to grow its crops into producing its Limoneira Lifestyles skin care product line. (from the press release)

Lemon Balm Moisturizer, $18.95 USD
Acid-free skin softening formula using natural and organic ingredients centered around avocado, rosemary and lemon balm extracts. This is a daily-use formula that has a hint of lavender and camphor to help soothe and correct signs of dryness. For antioxidants, it includes the epigallocatechins (ECGC) from green tea in combination with vitamin C.

Lavender Avocado Cleanser, $10.95 USD
A preservative-free, ultra mild cleanser from all natural sustainable plant-derived sources including avocado extracts. Ideal for sensitive skin but also works well in every day make up removal.

Avocado Mask, $11.95 USD
Use once a week (twice per week if skin is very oily). A pore-tightening, redness-reducing mask. Soothes, tones and brightens. Sponge away with warm water. Skin will feel soft and resilient.

Lemon Balm Mist, $10.95 USD
For instant hydration. Alcohol-free and acid-free. A hint of essential oils will lift your spirits and brighten skin tone, while natural antioxidants and avocado extracts protect skin from the elements. Won't stain, leaves no tacky residues and is hypoallergenic.

image: press release

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