Monday, March 16, 2009

Product Review: Nutra Luxe MD Plus Men Only Daily Moisturizer and Skin Protection

Reviewer: GuineaHubby

Brand: Nutra Luxe MD
Name: Plus Men Only Daily Moisturizer and Skin Protection
Size: 1.65 oz / 50 ml
Price: $38 USD

"More than just a moisturizer, this product is an advanced treatment with specific Peptides to help diminish and prevent wrinkles and lines. All natural antioxidants will repair, restore, and prevent free radicals skin damage from the sun and environment. It will help eliminate skin discoloration and photo-aging. Rich oils will give your skin the moisture and protection to keep your healthy moisture levels."

Contains SPF 30 sunscreen.

Also helps with:
- after shave skin calming
- rich moisture skin protection
- diminishes/prevents wrinkles and lines
- eliminates/prevents skin discolorations
- prevents photo-aging
- anti inflammatory properties
- skin soothing

To Purr About:
- it moisturizes really well
- absorbs fairly well
- contains SPF 30, which is a plus

Claws Out:
- the lemon scent is a little like lemon Pledge (household cleaner)
- doesn't absorb quickly

Final Comments:
I'd buy this product again because the functionality outweighs the smell

Rating (out of 5):

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