Monday, February 02, 2009

NEW Product Line: Herbal Essences Hydralicious Shampoos & Conditioners

Herbal Essences introduces a new collection called Hydralicious that features 3 new shampoos and 3 new conditioners. The shampoos have hydrating "swirls" that are actually 2 different formulas that combine to moisturize and bring out the best in your hair: clear swirls clean and opaque swirls leave hair conditioned and soft.

Hydralicious Featherweight
Created for hair that needs body, as well as hydration. The shampoo includes a conditioning polymer called a coacervate forming polymer which acts like a butterfly net to provide coverage on the hair to leave it hydrated but not weighed down. Scented with a fusion of water lily nectar and passion fruit.

Hydralicious Self-Targeting
Scented with a lovely fusion of red vanilla and whipped aloe, this product is formulated with a Liquid Crystal polmer, which targets and adheres to drier hair surfaces. By giving extra conditioning to areas in need, like dry ends, hair is left hydrated, smooth and shiny.

Hydralicious Reconditioning
Created for dry, damaged, frizzy hair that needs extra conditioning. It combines the technology of a coacervate forming polymer and Liquid Crystal polymer to provide protection against key sources of dehydration such as colouring and heat damage. Scented with shea leaf and Hawaiian sea silk.

Available at retailers across Canada, these shampoos and conditioners sell for approximately $3.99 for a 300 mL shampoo and approximately $3.99 for a 300 mL conditioner.

images: press kit

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