Friday, December 12, 2008

Product Review: Yes To Carrots Shower Gel

Reviewer: suziesaurus

Brand: Yes to Carrots
Name: Shower Gel
Size: 500 ml
Price: n/a

I’ve never been completely in love with a body wash or soap and I’ve just run out of my current body wash, so it’s time to try a new one!

I've tried Yes To Carrots' night moisturizing cream and liked it well enough so I figured I'd try some of their other products.

From their website: "Rich in Dead Sea Mud and minerals, C How to Shower nourishes and revives your skin, leaving you deliciously clean and smooth all over!"

To Purr About:
- lathers up well
- sweet scent doesn’t linger
- skin wasn’t itchy or dry after using

Claws Out:
- a very sweet smell – not overpowering, but I tend not to like scented stuff

Final Comments:
Like their night moisturizing cream I wasn't really liking the super sweet scent. Other than that I had no major complaints. It’s hard for me to review body wash – but I guess I felt clean. I don’t think this body wash is very moisturizing, but I didn’t find my skin itchy from dryness, so I would rate it pretty well as I have normally very dry & sensitive skin.

Rating (out of 5):

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