Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Product Review: M.A.C. Nail Lacquer

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: M.A.C.
Name: Nail Lacquer
Size: 10 ml / 0.34 oz
Price: $13 CAD

Shade Tried: Nocturnelle

I recently mentioned that I was aching to find a great black nail polish. My current polish was running out and was a special edition L’Oreal nail polish. So you can imagine how happy I was when Cinnamon Kitten surprised me with this M.A.C. nail lacquer.

This nail polish is described as "Revolutionary new high gloss formula. Visibly different. Provides no-streak/no-chip finish. Contains conditioners and UV protection."

To Purr About:
- comes in 19 great shades
- has multiple metal beads inside to keep nail polish thin and runny
- easy to grip, non-slip handle/cap
- only requires 2 coats to give that deep black colour
- contains UV protection

Claws Out:
- none really

Final Comments:
I love black nail polish. Unfortunately as I stated before it isn’t as easy to find as it was when I was back in high-school. Thankfully M.A.C. still has a large selection of every colour under the sun. I haven’t bought M.A.C. nail polish in ages because it’s pricier than other brands that I find in the drug store, but after trying this nail lacquer I would definitely say it’s worth the extra money.

Rating (out of 5):

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image: maccosmetics.com

1 comment:

Mere Rhetoric said...

I like the MAC Nail Lacquer too. It's very easy to apply cleanly - no streaks!

I really like the rich bold colours, but the last time I looked (in the summer), the selection was pretty small.

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