Monday, October 20, 2008

NEW Product Line: MAC Manish Arora

"India's top designer, Manish Arora, teams up with MAC to create an extravagant limited-edition colour collection. With its kaleidoscopic clash of shades, gem-studded compacts and maximalist vibe, this makes Indian pop culture fashionably the rage!" (description from MAC site)

This collection is stunningly colourful. Although it still focuses on shades of pink, the eyeshadow palette pops with colour.

Manish Arora: Eye Shadow x 6, $44.50 CAD
A compact of six shades that convey the brilliance of the designer, Manish. The gold-coloured compact has a fuchsia lid decorated with heart-shaped gems dropped in the middle of a golden petal burst pattern. The outer carton features illustrated elements of Indian culture. Limited edition.

Manish Arora: Lipstick, $16.50 CAD
A MAC lipstick presented in the screened Lipstick case and packaging of the Manish Arora colour collection. Features two brilliant colours and finishes specially selected to reflect the high-colour vibe of the designer. Limited edition.
- Girl About Town (amplified): fabulous fuchsia
- Kiss Manish (amplified): frosty mid-tone burnt red

Manish Arora: Tinted Lipglass, $16.50 CAD
A shade of Lipglass created exclusively for the Manish Arora colour collection. The vial’s yellow cap is screened with the gold-coloured patterning specially designed by the designer for this brilliant namesake collection. Limited edition.
- Shine Manish: frosty bright clean orange with multi-dimensional pearl
- Pink Manish: frosted fuchsia with multi-colour pearl

Manish Arora: Powder Blush, 6 g / 0.21 oz, $22.00 CAD
Exclusive to the M∙A∙C Manish collection. A Powder Blush in an orange compact featuring the colourful patterning specially created by designer, Manish Arora, for this brilliant namesake collection. Limited edition.
- Pink Swoon (sheertone): clearly pink
- Devil (satin): bright iridescent coral orange


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I love the packaging of that makeup

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