Friday, September 26, 2008

Product Review: Your Best Face Restore

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: Your Best Face
Name: Restore
Size: 15 ml
Price: $120 USD

My skin has definitely taken a beating lately. Bad eating habits, lots of stress and lack of sleep can easily be seen in my crappy skin. So in a bid to improve my skin, I’ve turned to this new skin care line (in addition to improving my eating habits).

From their website: "You crave bright and flawless skin, so we created restore. Our combination of advanced skin brighteners, spin trap (the ultimate anti-aging antioxidant) and soothing vitamins B and E work together to even out pigmentation, diminish dark spots and reduce inflammation to promote a complexion you’ll love."

To Purr About:
- has a very nice subtle almond scent
- I actually did notice a huge improvement in my complexion with continual use

Claws Out:
- a bit pricey
- wasn't completely sure how to use this product, but it wasn't moisturizing enough, so it definitely required a follow-up with moisturizer

Final Comments:
I’ve been using the product for a few weeks now. I apply it once a day after I shower and after about an hour I follow-up with a moisturizer for bedtime.

I was so happy to see that my complexion did actually improve after about a week of use. It did actually seem to even out my pigmentation and diminish the dark spots on my face. My skin seemed brighter and more healthy looking and had a nicer glow to it. So I would say that it’s worth the money, however, at the moment it’s still a bit out of my price range. Perhaps if I only used it every other day I could rationalize it.

I am definitely looking forward to trying the other products from YBF after this positive experience.

Rating (out of 5):

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