Monday, September 15, 2008

Product Review: Quo Night Lite Lip Gloss

Reviewer: Cinnamon Kitten

Brand: Quo
Name: Night Lite Lip Gloss
Size: 6.3 ml
Price: $15 CAD

Shade Tried: Prince Charming

Months ago I reviewed Rimmel Underground's Light Beam Lipgloss which was a neat little lipgloss with a mirror on the side and a built-in light.

A few other brands have also release lip products with mirrors and lights, and now Quo has followed suit.

Available in four shimmering shades with names that REALLY appeal to me (London is my favourite city in the world):
- Hyde Park Spark
- Prince Charming
- Kew Gardens Apricot
- Big Ben Blush

To Purr About:
- lip gloss is smooth and thick
- mirror is large enough for a good view
- when they describe this lip gloss as "shimmering", they weren't kidding - there is A LOT of shimmer in this lip gloss! not something I'd wear during the daytime, but a great party gloss (which is where the mirror/light would come in handy)
- nice large packaging

Claws Out:
- lights are a little TOO bright so that they shine right into your eyes as you apply the gloss
- I'm not a big fan of applying lip gloss with a brush, preferring sponge applicators

Final Comments:
I love the shimmer and colour of this lip gloss. The light is a little bright, but the mirror is a good generous size and takes up the whole side of the tube. Not a big fan of the brush applicator, but the generous amount of gloss and the shimmer make up for it. I don't agree with Quo calling this an innovative new product as so many other brands have already put out lip glosses with lights and mirrors, but I must admit that the size of Quo's lip gloss makes it a better value and the sparkle of the gloss is amazing.

Rating (out of 5):

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image: Quo press kit


Anonymous said...

I love when products come with their own mirrors. That is such a handy and useful feature!

The App Goddess said...

I HATE sponges on gloss!

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