Monday, August 04, 2008

Product Review: Akasha Spinlash Mascara

As Cinnamon Kitten strives to continue bringing a wide range of product reviews, I'm happy to announce the addition of a fourth regular product reviewer to the blog - lido3vy!

Reviewer: lido3vy

Brand: Akasha
Name: Spinlash Mascara
Size: 0.14 oz / 4 g
Price: approximately $14 USD for a package set

The gimmick with the Akasha Spinlash Mascara is that the wand actually ROTATES 360 degrees (in two directions). The idea is that as the wand rotates, you are separating, coating and curling your eyelashes all at once.

To Purr About:
- plastic bristle, it seperates every lash
- great definition
- no clumps!!

Claws Out:
- a little tricky to use in the beginning
- battery ran out after the 5th day

Final Comments:
I love the revolving bristle idea, now I can skip the whole process of combing after putting mascara on.

You can get more info or purchase details at

Rating (out of 5):

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