Sunday, August 10, 2008

NEW Product Line: Sephora Tricks of the Trade Collection

"Sephora's new line of must-haves puts the secret tips and tricks of the backstage pros at your fingertips." (description from Sephora site)

I'm a huge fan of Sephora the store, but haven't tried too many products from Sephora the brand. I may pick up a few of these just to give them a try, but for most of these products, I already have a "tried and true" favourite, but who knows, perhaps Sephora has come up with a better alternative!

The prices are a little high, but not in comparison to some other, more popular brands.


Radiance Mist, 1.6 oz, $14 CAD
A colourless spray-on mist that instantly rejuvenates tired skin to provide an instant burst of radiance. Infused with kiwi and citrus fruit extracts to give your skin a vitamin boost. This treatment will leave your skin looking soft, glowing, and fresh with a satin finish. Alcohol-free.

Perfection Primer, 1 oz, $21 CAD
A highlighting makeup base that brightens and beautifies the skin. The pink pearlescent micro-particles and soft-focus pigments reflect the light for a radiant complexion. Ensures easier makeup application for ultimate long-lasting wear.

Anti-Shine Primer, 1 oz, $21 CAD
An anti-shine skin primer for the face. Preps skin to expertly hold foundation and mattifies skin for up to eight hours, controlling and balancing sebum production. It guarantees that your makeup stays fresh and colour-true. It's suitable for both combination and oily skin types.

Makeup Setting Mist, 1.6 oz, $14 CAD
A colorless makeup fixing mist. Creates an invisible shield over the face that keeps makeup in place. It leaves a comfortable coating that fixes makeup application until you remove it. The mist improves makeup wearability and prevents color from running.

Immediate Wrinkle Filler, 0.42 oz, $22 CAD
A face and eye wrinkle-filling primer. Evens out skin tone while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The gel texture enriched with silicones instantly fills in fine lines and surface imperfections for immediate results. The silky texture provides easy and pleasant application.


Instant Lip Plumper, $16 CAD
A tingly lip-enhancing treatment. This clear, glossy lip enhancer is infused with natural pepper and mint extracts to stimulate microcirculation, resulting in full lips. Apply alone, over or under lipstick.

Perfection Lip Primer, $14 CAD
A lip-priming pencil for pucker perfection. Preps lips for longer-lasting lipstick application and prevents lipstick from creasing and color from running. It nourishes lips and fills in fine lip wrinkles to create a perfectly smooth pout. A natural active ingredient also works to temporarily plump lips. The primer comes as a portable and conveniently sized jumbo pencil for easy gripping and control.

Lip Last, $16 CAD
A clear liquid that prolongs lip color. Makes your lip color stay put for hours, if not all day. Just dip the brush applicator into the liquid and paint it on. The clear fixative does the rest.

Complete Lip Balm, 0.29 oz, $10 CAD
A lip balm infused with moisturizing mango butter and vitamin E. A complete lip treatment that provides four key benefits: it nourishes, moisturizes, protects and contains a natural active ingredient to temporarily plump lips.


Eyeshadow Transformer, $14 USD
A liquid that gives your eyeshadows new life as gorgeous eyeliners. Lets you magically transform any eyeshadow into a smudge-proof liquid liner. Use this unique, clear liquid and built-in eyeliner brush to match your eyeliner with your eye shadow for a more intense, sophisticated makeup look.

Eyeliner Last, $16 CAD
A clear top coat that seals eyeliner. Prevents your eyeliner from creasing and smudging. It also keeps eyeliner color looking brilliantly vibrant.

Eye Brightener, $16 CAD
An eye brightening and contouring pencil. Conceals shadows and dark circles under the eyes to achieve a fresh look. With a soft and velvety application, the pencil leaves a sheer pink color that softly illuminates eyes.



Unknown said...

I just purchased 2 items yesterday... I really like them

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

Hi May!

What did you buy? Would love to hear how they work!

Anonymous said...

Ya i too just want to know how good the products are, more comments from the users would help all.

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