Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NEW Product Line: Essie 2008 Fall Collection

I guess the neon-shades of summer were just a fad and Essie's fall collection reflects a calmer and more traditional look.

Although a small collection, there are some great shades in this set - check it out!

- Lacy Not Racy
- No Boundaries
- Forever Young
- Big Spender
- Tomboy No More
- Swept Off My Feet

images: essie.com


Anonymous said...

where can you buy Essie nail polish in Canada?

Suziesaurus said...

I have been having issues finding black nailpolish! It's not as common as it used to be! I guess i'll have to suck it up & buy a nice MAC nailpolish as it's available in so many colours.

Anonymous said...

Lacy Not Racy and No Boundaries look great!

Also, for the person having trouble finding black nail polish, try Orly or Finger Paints.

Anonymous said...

Please call 1-800-341-9999 for salons in Puerto Rico and Canada.
OPI has an awesome collection of dark shades and a pretty shiny black.

Anonymous said...

ooh found another beauty available at Sephora!

Suziesaurus said...

Hey "decorative diva" & "deb.b", thanks for your tips! I will check out those brands for sure next time i'm at the mall!

The App Goddess said...

I'm excited for nail polish - I just found some great fake nails I can apply and polish myself:)

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