Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Product Review: TimeLapse Wand

Reviewer: S.K.Y.

Brand: TimeLapse
Name: TimeLapse Wand
Size: 2.76 g
Approx. Price: $25 USD

There are many products out there to help reduce the signs of aging and I’ve heard mixed things about starting to use anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams too early, but after reading the description of this product I couldn’t help but try it. My one problem area is the crease on my forehead I have gotten from many years of furrowing my brow.

"Timelapse Wand works to diminish the appearance of forehead creases, crow’s feet, furrows, and laugh lines. It also removes puffiness and bags under the eyes."

To Purr About:
- convenient stick allows for easy carrying and application
- medium reduction in appearance of the crease
- only a light application will suffice, so this product will last a long time

Claws Out:
- once a day application doesn’t seem to result in any long term improvements
- twice a day application doesn’t seem to result in any long term improvements
- a little on the pricey side (but again – it lasts a long time)

Final Comments:
One more product I have to apply in the morning...I wonder how many products I can apply before they start creating some sort of biohazard on my face.

It was silly for me to hope that my crease would disappear for good so easily, but a girl can dream. After using this product for more than a month I haven’t noticed any long term reduction in my forehead crease. It’s still there & is there almost every morning. However I do notice that the crease is less noticeable for the time after applying the product. It seems to plump up (or fill out) the area around it. It’s a nice product for that woman on the go, but I would love to find a product for myself that is more long term.

Rating (out of 5):

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