Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Product Review: Boots No7 Restore & Renew

Reviewer: Cinnamon Kitten

Brand: Boots No7
Name: Restore & Renew (Protect & Perfect in the UK)
Size: 30 ml / 1 US fl oz
Price: $25 CAD

This anti-aging serum caused a major international shopping frenzy after a recent BBC documentary in the UK called Horizon examined the science behind cosmetics. The program found one product that actually began to repair the damage to the skin's structure - Boots No7 Protect & Perfect.

The product caused major lineups in the UK, and again in the US and Canada when it was rename and relaunched here as Boots No7 Restore & Renew. The only difference between the UK and North American product (besides the name) is the molecular structure of 1 ingredient that doesn't change its action in the product.

In Canada, Boots products are carried exclusively at select Shoppers Drug Mart stores. I've been watching the shelves at one that I know carries Boots, but so far, still no Restore & Renew on the shelves. However, I was just in Halifax last week for a holiday and I walked into a small Shoppers there and they had over 30 in stock! So if you live in Halifax, you're in luck!

To Purr About:
- the serum is very smooth and light and absorbs quickly into the skin
- very little fragrance
- a little goes a long way
- after applying a thin layer of the product to my face, my skin felt instantly hydrated and extremely smooth, no oil at all
- after a month of use, I have noticed that my pores appear smaller and my makeup is gliding on a little more easily
- the tube size may seem small, but you don't need very much to cover your entire face easily, so the $25 is extemely reasonable compared to most of the anti-aging products on the market

Claws Out:

- as with all anti-aging products, this one has to be taken with a grain of salt, HOWEVER, a lot of the independent research done in the documentaries on both BBC and CNN have supported Boots' claims

Final Comments:
Ok, we all know that we can't believe the hype around certain products - anti-aging creams, anti-cellulite creams, etc. Pretty much anything that promises a "quick fix". However, after a month of using the Boots No7 Restore & Renew, I have noticed my skin is smoother and my pores appear smaller. And after I apply the serum at night, my skin feels so silky and smooth and not-greasy that I would buy it for that alone to use in place of my night cream. The best thing about this anti-aging product, besides the fact that there's a lot of support behind it, is the price tag. $25 is a steal compared to most of the other products out there that make the same claim.

Rating (out of 5):

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Anonymous said...

Wow - you found it in Halifax at Shoppers? Hopefully that will mean that we will soon have stock in Ontario!

rachel said...

I saw it at Eaton Centre probably two weeks ago. The shoppers there had almost 20 on the shelves. Hurry up and grab one, girls!

cliniquegirl said...


~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

I think they may be getting a little easier to get ahold of now. I was just in the Shoppers at Don Mills and Lawrence and they had about 15 Restore and Renew on their shelves too. :)

Dominika said...

I just saw a bunch of them at the Shoppers in Waterloo (on Erb St W)...pretty excited to try it out!

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