Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Beauty Surfer: Luscious Locks

Site Name: Luscious Locks

Packed full of a variety of products, tips and news about haircare, Luscious Locks is a great site for those serious about their tresses.

This site has TONS of information about all kinds of haircare products - from shampoo to conditioners to styling products to cute hair accessories.

If you're looking for a change in your hair regime or just want to be inpsired, don't miss this site!


Have a beauty blog that you think Cinnamon Kitten readers should know about? Send me an email and let me know - it could be featured in an upcoming Sunday Surfer!


Allyson said...

Hi! Thanks for the great website. I am always having trouble looking for good shampoo's and etc. Looks wonderful!


Sheena said...

What a cool website! Makes me wish some of this stuff was readily available in the US... Thanks for sharing :)

Melissa said...

thank u, thank u, thank u! I have had so many hair problems has been frizzy, falling out, flat...i could definitely use this site.

Anonymous said...

Great link! Tahnks for the great tip. I am definitely always trying to find that perfect hair product & many times I end up using it just once or twice & never using it again. Having someone give an honest opinion about it definitely helps.


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