Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Splendicity Contest for September 18, 2007

Cinnamon Kitten is a proud member of an exciting new community that launched Sept. 4. Splendicity.com, the destination for splendid style is kicking off its launch with a month's worth of contests.

The Splendicity contest for today, September 18th:

To enter today's contest:

*Visit 3 Splendid Member blogs in the FASHION or SHOPPING category, post a comment on their latest post that is not a contest post. Read the post, and make it a real comment about the post. You can also view the Splendicity member list right at the homepage: Splendicity.com.

*Go back to Splendicity.com and report the Splendid Member blogs that you commented on in today’s Splendicity blog contest post.

All readers that complete the process are entered into the drawing to win today's prize.

Today's prize is a one year subscription to Elle magazine. Thank you to our parent company, b5media, for sponsoring today's contest.

images: Splendicity.com

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