Thursday, September 20, 2007

NEW Product: Dr. Bragi Marine Enzyme Intensive Treatment Mask

Brand: Dr. Bragi
Name: Marine Enzyme Intensive Treatment Mask
Size: n/a
Price: $20 USD

Product Notes:
- single-use mask contains a double concentration of Penzyme for an intensive treatment in under 15 minutes
- free of artificial additives, fragrance, or preservatives, this mask is suitable for even the most sensitive skin
- improves elasticity, while glycerol and sorbitol lock water molecules inside the skin for continuous hydration
- encourages production of collagen, diminishing fine lines
- increases circulation and brings skin back to life
- reduces irritation, itchiness and redness

Dr. Bragi's Marine Enzyme Intensive Skin Care range is the first US launch from Boutique Unique London LLP, a London-based developer of high-end beauty brands. Currently, Dr. Bragi products are available exclusively at the popular Bliss Spas ( For more info, visit

images: Pierce Mattie Public Relations

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