Saturday, September 15, 2007

Estee Lauder / MAC Warehouse Sale Wrap-up

A few weeks ago I gave away some hard-to-get invitations to the Estee Lauder/MAC Warehouse sale that took place in Markham (north of Toronto). I also went on the Sunday of the 3-day sale, but I didn't spend as much as the last time I went, although there were some great deals to be had.

As usual, the sale was very well organized and because of the way they set up their products, products don't get mixed up, boxes all stay neat and you don't have to rummage like crazy in a single box filled with all different products.

Some readers have asked what the prices were like, so here's a sampling of the prices to be found at this most recent sale (NOTE: all prices are in CDN $)

- Dramatically Different Lotion with Pump - $18
- All About Eyes - $20
- Advanced Stop Signs Eye Preventive Cream SPF 15 - $20
- various sample size products - $2
- Eye Makeup Remover - $8
- Blush - $12
- Happy to Be fragrance (full-size) - $30
- lipstick - $9

- Eye Paint - $9
- set of 5 travel brushes - $5
- Fluidlines - $7
- Nail Lacquer - $7
- Pigments - $9
- Glitter Cream - $12
- Eye Liner - $8
- Select Sheer/Loose Powder - $12
- Lipglass & Lip Varnish - $7
- Pro Longwear Lipcolor - $10

Estee Lauder
- Long Lasting Lipstick & All-Day Lipstick - $10
- More Than Mascara - $8
- Beautiful Eau de Parfum spray - $40
- Advanced Night Repair - $45
- Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Eye Gel Creme - $25
- Pure Color Crystial Lipstick & Pure Color Cyrstal Gloss - $10

Some of the readers who received tickets from me were kind enough to send photos of the stuff they bought - check them out!

Thanks for sending the photos - I hope you guys enjoyed the sale!

On a side note, I had tried to do a good deed by raffling off my extra invitations and it was a horrible experience. There were so many "cheaters" who emailed me several times from different email addresses trying to win tickets, and a couple of people who won tickets who never sent me their address so the tickets went to waste. I'm definitely going to re-think what I'm going to do with my extra tickets if I get any for the next big sale. If anyone has suggestions on a more fair way to distribute tickets, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

well...i have been loooking for this for a long time.i would like to offer u a price for ur ticket.
(15-20 bucks)and i wud like to suggesst you that i wud come in person and pick the ticket.How is that.?
and i can also giv u my cell number incase u add me on hotmail as looking forward to hear from you

Anonymous said...

If anyone has tickets for any type of prestige cosmetic even, please let me know I am willing to pay nomore than 30 CAD for them. If not please let me know how or where I can get tickets for these shows. I would love to go to MAC but it may be over. If there are other warehouse sales that be great if you msg me back at Thanks.

sansob said...

can u please give me a ticket, my family lives in markham i will ask them to shop for me can you please issue an invitation for me if this years event is over will u please give me the one for the next year????

vschitte said...

I would also love a pair of tickets to the sale in march if you have any available. I would be able to pick them up personally.

Anonymous said...

As would I! If you have extra tickets I can pick them up from anywhere in the GTA. Please email me if you have any available at Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I'm super interested in attending the MAC sale this weekend. I am happy to compensate for a couple of tickets and live in Markham so I could easily come and pick them up. Can you please help out a new mom who needs some new makeup BADLY :)
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...


Does ANYONE have any EXTRA tickets to the MAC warehouse sale this weekend??

Willing to pay! THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there...really appreciate if I can have an invite to go to the next sale for clinique and mac. I love the products but can't afford to buy them from stores. please response back at

Thanks and hope to hear from you again :)

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if you have any tickets for the mac/estee lauder sale this weekend (june 6-8). I would like to offer you a price if necessary also.
Please, please let me know asap!
thanks so much.
e-mail me at
-Garod said...


Do you have any extra Estee Lauder / MAC Warehouse Sale invitation/tickets for this year? Is there one coming up in Dec? I am very interested to go, is it possible for me to get or buy two tickets if you have any extra ones again this time?

Regarding the problems of giving out tickets..may be u can set a deadline by which the winners must be response after you notify them that they win the tickets..if no one contact/reply you to get tickets by the deadline..then u can give them out to other people...

In preventing people using different e-mails address..may be u can limit to one ticket per household, so whoever is interested needs to provide you his/her name, Address, e-mail & contact #....and whoever win the ticket needs to mail you a return envelop (postage-paid) so that u can mail out the tickets to the winners..this way might be more complicated and will probably take longer time to process..but may be more fair

Anonymous said...

are these events held in Canada only?

tilova said...

how do i get an invitation gor estee lauder mac warehouse sale invitation june 2010. my email address is

Anonymous said...

How do I get the free ticket? Thanks :)

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