Monday, August 06, 2007

Product Review: E.L.F. Moisture Care Lip Colour / Luscious Liquid Lipstick

Brand: E.L.F.
Name: Moisture Care Lip Colour / Luscious Liquid Lipstick
Size: .06 fl. oz. / 1.8 mL
Price: $1.00 USD

Shade Tried:
- Baby Lips

This is the third E.L.F. lip product I've ever tried (the first two being Hypershine Gloss and Plumping Lip Glaze) and I have to say that for $1, you get a full-size product that has some great value.

The reason for the two names is because on their site, this product is listed as the Moisture Care Lip Color, but on the product packaging, it's called the Luscious Liquid Lipstick.

This one looked promising - the applicator looks easy to use and it currently comes in 9 different shades.

E.L.F. promises that this lipstick has intensive hydrating agents along with natural pigments that will leave your lips with long last lip colour and moisture.

To Purr About:
- the shade I got was very subtle, which I was hoping for and really nice
- lovely vanilla-mint smell
- soft slanted applicator tip helps lipgloss glide on super smoothly and easily
- lightweight and not too sticky, very moisturizing

Claws Out:
- fuzzy applicator tip is a little weird
- this is going to sound weird, but the way the lip colour comes out of the tip really creeps me out - it looks like some bubbling growth thing
- not that long-lasting, so frequent applications are necessary

Final Comments:
I do like the colour and feel of this product, and the price is just so amazing. However, (go ahead, laugh, I know you want to!), when the product comes out of the applicator tip I get so grossed out that I just can't deal with this product in the long-term, so I think this may be a one-shot deal. It just looks like some gross "stuff" is bubbling out of a fuzzy background...ewww! However, if you can look past this (or just avoid looking at the applicator tip - maybe I should put this on without my glasses on) this is a great product to try. I've been using it regularly now and really like the way the product feels...I just don't stare at the applicator too closely!

Rating (out of 5):

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