Friday, August 24, 2007

NEW Product: Bliss Steep Clean

Brand: Bliss
Name: Steep Clean
Size: 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz
Price: $54 USD

Product Notes:
- 15-minute facial
- dissolves blackhead buildup
- helps minimize the appearance of large pores
- helps remove dead cells and dark spots
- exfoliates, smoothes and brightens skin's surface
- digests dead skin cells with powerful microencapsulated enzymatic exfoliators
- slows excess sebum secretions to keep blackheads from building up
- promotes a glowing, even skin tone

The several user reviews I've read about this product look very promising. This facial looks like a great product if the reviews are to be believed and I'm considering splurging a little to buy this product to give it a try.


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