Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Product Review: The Body Shop Puree Body Lotion

Brand: The Body Shop
Name: Puree Body Lotion
Size: 250 ml / 8.4 fl oz
Price: $16.00 CAD

Scent Tried:
- Pink Grapefruit

"Super light, refreshing moisture with pink grapefruit oil, rich in fatty acids, and vitamin-rich pure grapefruit water to cool, hydrate and help keep skin looking firm and supple."

That's the claim that The Body Shop makes. And I put it to the test. I bought this moisturizer along with the Pink Grapefruit Body Butter (watch for a review on that soon). Mmm, I just love the smell of pink grapefruit!!!

To Purr About:
- handy pump makes dispensing easy
- smells exactly like pink grapefruit when first pumped out of the bottle
- light, non-greasy moisturizer absorbs reall quickly into the skin
- within seconds the moisturizer is absorbed and it doesn't leave any greasy residue or anything, skin just feels smooth and soft

Claws Out:
- the smell changes slightly once it's on your skin so it doesn't smell as recognizable as pink grapefruit
- because it's so light, it's not as rich as some other creams/moisturizers, so if you have extremely dry skin, this may not be the best option
- considering my usual body lotion is a huge bottle of Jergens for about $7, this small bottle for $16 is a little bit on the pricey side, which is a major deterrent for me.

Final Comments:
In the winter my skin can get extremely dry, by during the summer, it's way too humid and sticky to use my winter body moisturizers. This Puree Body Lotion is perfect and smell heavenly. It's extremely light and absorbs instantly, leaving my skin feeling ultra soft and smooth and just hydrated enough. Love it. And, this product comes in so other scents, like Papaya, Strawberry and Satsuma, so if I ever tire of smelling Pink Grapefruit (HA!) I have many other fun options!

Rating (out of 5):

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cdb said...

I use this lotion too (Strawberry) but I find that it isn't rich enough when my skin is feeling really dry so I only use this as a hand cream since it absorbs so quickly and is non-greasy.

Dysprosium said...

I love the Body Shop's Puree Body Lotion range! The scents are simply DIVINE!

& it's so light & refreshing, just right for me. See, I have normal body skin (except for back), so the puree body lotion is moisturising enough.

I find other lotions in the market too rich & heavy for my skin, so my top pick is still the puree body lotions due to its lightweight gel format.

Brooke said...

I have tried the Puree Lotions. Grapefruit as well as the Brazil Nut Whip. My favorite is the Brazil Nut whip. I find it highly moisturizing and the smell is heavenly. Yes, it is pricey but I have learned that a little goes a long way. I am such a huge fan of the Brazil Nut Body Butter that anything that smells remotely close I love. One thing that bums me out though is that they USED to have a Brazil Nut lip butter... Shea is close, I love it (I have rather dry skin) but it all is a little expensive. The Spa Wisdom Puree is really nice. It's in a much bigger bottle too. The smell isn't as decadent, but you'll get similar results and it comes in a bigger bottle. Just an idea :)

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