Wednesday, July 04, 2007

GUEST Product Review: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Guest Reviewer: puddlejumper

Name: Fresh Foaming Cleanser
Size: 200 mL
Approx. Price: about $8-11 CAD depending on where you buy

Product claims:
- combines two cleansing steps into one
- removes eye makeup without stinging
- rinses cleanly away leaving no residue

To Purr About:
I lives up to all its claims and easily removes eye makeup and anything else on your face! Very good product for the price. I have used a variety of cleansers (including Clinique 3-step system) but I always come back to this one for its convenience, especially when travelling (since it eliminates the need for me to pack a separate eye makeup remover and little cotton pads).

Claws Out:
None, except that it would be nice if the pump top could be closed.

Final Comments:
This is a great cleanser for most skin types since it is alcohol and soap-free, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. I have sensitive skin and have never had any problems with this product.

Rating (out of 5):

Thanks for the review, puddlejumper!

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s.k.y. said...

This is a great product I use on a regular basis too. It’s definitely gentle on the skin & works well. An added bonus is that it's affordable!

I found it cheapest at Walmart – I think it’s regularly under $8 there.

Here’s a tip for traveling & “locking” the pump that works for most pump type bottles (I’m not sure if it works on this specific pump as I’ve never tried it, but it works on Neutrogena’s Acne face wash for sure & also Spectro Gel):
-pump down (you might want to lock it the last time you use it before a trip as to not waste a “pump” of product).
-with the pump all the way down, turn the pump 90degrees to the side.
This brings the pump back to the original position it was on when you bought the product from the store! The only thing you have to watch out for is that the pump doesn't turn out of the "lock" position during travelling.

My best tip is to "lock" and then store in a plastic bag (ziplock type) or travel kit in case it does open. You don't want cleanser on all your clothes!

puddlejumper said...

yes, as a matter of fact I bought a new bottle of this a couple days ago ($6.99 at Superstore) and the newer design caps DO in fact lock.

s.k.y. said...

wow! $6.99 at the superstore? I'll have to check that out! Thanks puddlejumper!

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