Monday, June 04, 2007

Product Review: Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker

Brand: Physicians Formula
Name: Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker
Size: 0.028 oz / 0.8 g
Price: $11.49 CAD

Colour Tried:
- Ultra Black

When I read about this new product I knew I just had to try it. I had been looking at liquid liners lately (I've never used a wet liner before, preferring my tried and true kohl pencils) in order to get the sleek black-lined eye that's popular right now.

This product claims that it's as easy to use as a marker.

To Purr About:
- incredibly long-lasting product that stays put and the colour doesn't fade throughout the day
- contact lens safe
- fragrance free & hypoallergenic

Claws Out:

- the felt tip was so hard that it scratched my eyelid when I pressed down on it in an attempt to get some product out
- it's hard to regulate the flow of "ink" that comes out of the tip. If you press to hard, it squirts out too fast (just like a real marker! yeesh!) but if you don't press hard enough you just scratch your eyelid and get nothing

Final Comments:
There are a lot of liquid eyeliners out there that are probably much easier to use than this one. It's a novel idea, but they need to work hard on somehow regulating the flow of "ink" and also making the applicator softer. Currently it's so pointed and hard that it scratches my eyelid. Considering your eye area skin is so sensitive and thin, this isn't a good thing.

Rating (out of 5):

image: productreviewphysiciansformula

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