Thursday, June 07, 2007

Product Review: Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes

Brand: Clinique
Name: Cream Shaper for Eyes
Size: 0.04 oz / 1.2 g
Price: $17.50 CAD

Colour Tried:
- Starry Plum

I'll admit it, one of the reasons I bought this eyeliner was because I needed something to buy so that I could get the Holt Renfrew Clinique bonus that was offered in May/June 2007.

I've read in several books and magazines that most eyeliners are the same, so whether you're paying $0.99 or $9.99 for an eye pencil, you're basically getting the same thing. So it's hard to pay $17.50 for one.

The Clinique site says that this "creamy-smooth pencil defines with a hint of shimmer. Glides on intense, long-wearing colour. Non-smudging, water-resistant."

To Purr About:
- the first day I tried this product, my allergies were raging something fierce and that meant my eyes were watering all day long. But this eyeliner stayed put through the entire day
- colour didn't fade even through my watery eyes and the humid weather
- very smooth pencil glides on without pulling my eyelids at all
- dark, vibrant colour
- pencil is longer than most other eye pencils so it'll last longer

Claws Out:

- I haven't tried to sharpen this yet, although it's not a pencil, but more of a plasticky material, can't foresee any problems though
- for the average consumer (me), considering I use eyeliner on a daily basis, I don't know if I can afford constantly buying them at $17.50 a pop
- only 4 shades are available, which isn't a good variety - Egyptian (which is a dark, mossy green), Brown Sugar (medium brown), Chocolate Lustre (dark brown) and Starry Plum (deep purple)

Final Comments:
Oh, I hate it when this happens. I bought this product just to fulfill my Clinique bonus requirements and now I'm in love with this pencil. It may become a regular product in my makeup case. It's fade-proof, water-resistant and silky smooth. I also sampled the Chocolate Brown shade while I was at the Clinique counter, but found the chocolate brown not as attractive as the purply Starry Plum.

Rating (out of 5):

image: productreviewclinique

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