Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NEW Product Line: MAC C Shock

Not for the faint of heart, MAC's new C Shock line is vibrantly colourful and perfect for experimenting with. Full of energy, there are 3 different products in this collection: lipsticks, lipgelees and eye shadows.

If you're not shy and love wild colours, then you should definitely head to MAC and check these out!
- Colour and texture for the lips
- Colours: Blast O' Blue, Overrich, Out To Shock, Vivacious, Pomposity

- A soft jelly-textured lip gloss. Distributes evenly and easily through a slanted tip. Moisturizes and conditions and makes them look wet, shiny and super-slick.
- Colours: She-Boom!, Lil' Sizzler, Sugar Shock, Mega

Eye Shadow
- A highly-pigmented powder, this eye shadow applies evenly and blends well.
- Colours: Going Bananas, Eyepopping, Wondergrass, Big T, Fab & Flashy, Bang on Blue, Romping, Passionate


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