Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Product Review: Almay Ideal Lipgloss

Brand: Almay
Name: Ideal Lipgloass
Size: 0.22 fl. oz/6.4 mL
Price: $7.59 CAD

Colour Tried:
- Wine Shimmer

This was one of my impulse lip product purchases (I seem to make a lot of those) after I got a new job. It's a brand I've never tried before, but I really liked the way the colour looked in the tube. Well, that was my first mistake, as I should know better than to spend money on something that doesn't offer a tester (I hate that!).

Several years ago Maybelline had a limited edition lip gloss (Wet Shine Liquid Diamonds in Firecracker Red) that I was in love with. It was a deep shade of red that looked amazing on me. And since then I have never before or after found another red lip product that looked as good, I'm constantly trying to find a replacement (darn those limited edition products!)

This product...was not it.

To Purr About:
- the colour was pretty true from what it looked like in the tube and what it looked like on my lips and was a beautiful shade of red
- very glossy, high-shine product

Claws Out:
- brand new, the product stinks, and I mean that it smells like plastic gone way past its expiry date
- perhaps it's because I'm not used to it, but the applicator is a very floppy brush, so it was difficult to control and I made a mess. As a rule, I prefer lip products that I can touch up without too much time in front of a mirror, especially lip glosses
- gloss has a very liquid texture, and the colour I bought was quite dark, which meant, that as I was applying it, the brush would push the product around on my lips, leaving some areas much darker than others. And when I went over it again with the brush to try to fix it, the product would be pushed around again, still leaving uneven patches of colour
- and don't even think about rubbing your lips together or eating anything - the liquid nature of this product meant it moved around, leaving the colour uneven and more often than not, coming off your lips altogether

Final Comments:
Considering there are so many lip products available on the market, I definitely will not be buying this brand of lip gloss again! And for the price, there are literally hundreds of other lip products I might purchase instead. So ladies, if you're thinking of buying this particular line of Almay lip gloss, I wouldn't recommend it unless you can try it for free first and end up liking it.

Rating (out of 5):

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I bought a bright red shade of the same lip gloss as an impulse buy at the drugstore (350,wine shimmer), and it was definately not worth it. The worst part is the unevenness with which it goes on. Plus, it's goopy too. 0 out of 5 stars

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